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Entity: queue_manager

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This module manages generic queues. It fetches the appropriate packet queue state and adds it to the packet's metadata. It also advances the queue's pointer. This means that packets cannot be dropped after they go through this module.


Generic name Type Value Description
NB_QUEUES undefined Number of queue in the module.
EXTRA_META_BITS undefined Number of bits in the extra metadata.
UNIT_POINTER 0 Set to 1 to advance pointer by a single unit.
QUEUE_ID_WIDTH $clog2(NB_QUEUES) Queue ID width.
IN_FIFO_DEPTH 16 Depth of the input FIFO.
OUT_FIFO_DEPTH 16 Depth of the output FIFO.
ALMOST_FULL_THRESHOLD undefined Almost full threshold for the output FIFO.
## Ports
Port name Direction Type Description
clk input
rst input
in_pass_through input If set, the packet passes through without changing the queue state (i.e., we do not advance the queue pointer).
in_queue_id input [QUEUE_ID_WIDTH-1:0] Input metadata stream.
in_size input [$clog2(MAX_PKT_SIZE):0] (In number of flits.)
in_meta_extra input [EXTRA_META_BITS-1:0]
in_meta_valid input
in_meta_ready output
queue_state_t output Output metadata stream.
out_drop output
out_meta_extra output [EXTRA_META_BITS-1:0]
out_meta_valid output
out_meta_ready input
q_table_tails input BRAM signals for queues.
q_table_heads input
q_table_l_addrs input
q_table_h_addrs input
rb_size input [RB_AWIDTH:0] Config signals.
full_cnt output [31:0] Number of packets dropped because the queue was full.
in_cnt output [31:0] Number of input packets.
out_cnt output [31:0] Number of output packets.
## Instantiations
  • q_table_a_tails: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_heads: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_l_addrs: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_h_addrs: bram_interface_io