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Entity: cpu_to_fpga

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This module implements the communication from the CPU to the FPGA (TX). It is also responsible for managing the TX descriptor queue BRAMs. It outputs both packets and configuration requests.


Generic name Type Value Description
NB_QUEUES undefined
## Ports
Port name Direction Type Description
clk input
rst input
out_pkt_sop output Packet buffer output.
out_pkt_eop output
out_pkt_valid output
out_pkt_data output [511:0]
out_pkt_empty output [5:0]
out_pkt_ready input
out_pkt_occup input [31:0]
tx_compl_buf_data output TX completion buffer output.
tx_compl_buf_valid output
tx_compl_buf_ready input
tx_compl_buf_occup input [31:0]
out_config_data output Config buffer output.
out_config_valid output
out_config_ready input
pcie_rddm_desc_ready input PCIe Read Data Mover (RDDM) signals.
pcie_rddm_desc_valid output
pcie_rddm_desc_data output [173:0]
pcie_rddm_prio_ready input
pcie_rddm_prio_valid output
pcie_rddm_prio_data output [173:0]
pcie_rddm_tx_valid input
pcie_rddm_tx_data input [31:0]
pcie_rddm_address input [63:0]
pcie_rddm_write input
pcie_rddm_writedata input [511:0]
pcie_rddm_byteenable input [63:0]
pcie_rddm_waitrequest output
q_table_tails output BRAM signals for TX descriptor queues.
q_table_heads output
q_table_l_addrs output
q_table_h_addrs output
rb_size input [RB_AWIDTH:0] Configure ring buffer size.
inflight_desc_limit input [30:0] Configure maximum number of in-flight descriptors.
queue_full_signals output [31:0] Counters.
dsc_cnt output [31:0]
empty_tail_cnt output [31:0]
dsc_read_cnt output [31:0]
pkt_read_cnt output [31:0]
batch_cnt output [31:0]
max_inflight_dscs output [31:0]
max_nb_req_dscs output [31:0]
## Instantiations
  • q_table_a_tails: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_heads: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_l_addrs: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_a_h_addrs: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_b_l_addrs: bram_interface_io
  • q_table_b_h_addrs: bram_interface_io
  • dsc_q_status: bram_simple2port
  • dsc_queue_request_fifo: fifo_wrapper_infill_mlab

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