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Compiling Software

Start by cloning the enso repository, if you haven't already:

git clone

Prepare the compilation using meson and compile it with ninja.

Setup build directory:

meson setup build

Now compile:

cd build

Compilation options

There are a few compile-time options that you may set. You can see all the available options with:

meson configure

If you run the above in the build directory, it also shows the current value for each option.

To change one of the options run:

meson configure -D<option_name>=<value>

For instance, to disable latency optimization:

meson configure -Dlatency_opt=false

Build an application with Ensō

If you want to build an application that uses Ensō, you should install the Ensō library in your system. You can use ninja for that:

cd build
sudo ninja install


If sudo ninja install fails, you may try using the following command instead:

sudo $(which ninja) install

This will use the user ninja instead of the system ninja.

Then, you should link the application with the Ensō library. The way you do it depends on how you are compiling your code. Here are some examples using gcc, meson and cmake.

g++ -o my_app my_app.cpp -lenso

You may also use pkg-config to retrieve the flags:

g++ -o my_app my_app.cpp $(pkg-config --cflags --libs enso)

Add the following to your file:

enso_dep = dependency('enso')

Then, you can link your application with the Ensō library:

executable('my_app', 'my_app.cpp', dependencies: [enso_dep])

Add the following to your CMakeLists.txt file:


Build the documentation optional

You can access Ensō's documentation at But if you would like to contribute to the documentation, you may choose to also build it locally.

Install the requirements:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install doxygen python3-pip npm
python3 -m pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
sudo npm install -g teroshdl

To build the documentation, run (from the build directory):

meson compile docs

While writing documentation, you can use the following command to automatically rebuild the documentation when you make changes:

cd <root of enso repository>
mkdocs serve

Note that this does not automatically rebuild the hardware and software API reference. You need to rerun meson compile docs to do that.