Ensō 0.4.5
Software API reference
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file  config.h [code]
 Functions to configure the data plane.
file  consts.h [code]
 Constants used throughout the codebase. Some of these constants need to be kept in sync with the hardware.
file  helpers.h [code]
 Miscellaneous helper functions.
file  internals.h [code]
 Definitions that are internal to Enso. They should not be exposed to applications.
file  ixy_helpers.h [code]
 Helper functions adapted from the ixy driver
file  pipe.h [code]
 Enso Pipe API. We define RX, TX, and RX/TX pipes as well as the Device class that manages them. All of these classes are quite coupled, so we define them all in this file.
file  queue.h [code]
 Helper queue for inter-thread communication.
file  socket.h [code]
 Socket-like API.